About us

About us

What started in 1973 as a family business of the Zantingh family has grown into an organisation with more than seventy employees. Cogas Climate Control is a renowned specialist in modern horticulture with the knowledge, experience and capacity in-house to design, realise and install customised technical installations. We have been an official full-service provider of Priva since 1985. As a result, our technical installations fit seamlessly with Priva's innovative climate computers. From 2020, we can deliver turnkey projects, in close cooperation with Maurice/Ammerlaan.

A piece of history

At the beginning of the twentieth century, developments around greenhouses and greenhouse horticulture were gaining momentum. The demand for heating systems grew rapidly. Mr Zantingh - originally a blacksmith - started installing oil and gas burners. His three sons then expanded the company, after which Gert, one of the sons, established the company in 1973 in Asten-Heusden under the name Cogas. In 1982, Jan, Gert's son, started at Cogas, before finally taking over as the third generation Zantingh in 2000.

In 2005, Pascal Janzen started as an employee at Cogas and has been the proud co-owner since 2011. In the years that followed, Jan and Pascal expanded Cogas Climate Control into a company with more than 70 employees with years of experience and expertise. In 2015, subsidiary company C-Grow was created, based on our ideas for daylightless cultivation. C-Grow is particularly active in High-tech City Farming, where the climate is entirely self-regulated in a closed daylightless space. Here, everything is optimally coordinated to achieve the best result together.

In 2019, a brand new business premises came up on the original site, with office, warehouse and logistics hall. After some 20 years, Jan Zantingh handed over the baton and Michel La Crois and Pascal Janzen became the new owners of Cogas Climate Control. As Michel is also the owner of Ammerlaan Constructies and Maurice Kassenbouw, a splendid partnership was created, enabling Cogas Climate Control to deliver complete turnkey projects.

Do you want to learn more about Maurice Kassenbouw? Go to www.kassenbouw.com.

What Cogas Climate Control stands for

Cogas Climate Control is a reliable partner and total supplier for modern horticulture. Thanks to years of experience, innovative partners and professional staff, we can fit out your greenhouse from A to Z, with coordinated technical installations. We believe it is important to keep up with knowledge and skills and we continue to study the latest techniques. We are there to support growers in the region - and beyond - and help them achieve the best possible crop. We like to think along with you and then set to work on the most practical and sustainable solution. We tell it like it is and we are there when you need us.


We are proud of our team. We work with real professionals who are passionate about the job. Do you have a technical issue? Submit it to us! We love a challenge and continue to develop, innovate and improve every day. Together with our partners Priva, Philips, Maurice Kassenbouw, our subsidiary C-Grow and numerous other regular partners, we keep a sharp eye on the market and the latest technologies within the agribusiness. Are you looking for a sustainable and efficient solution? Then we will arrange it for you.

For us, research not only consists of new technologies and ideas, but also of asking for and processing feedback. Because only when the end user tells us what could be improved, do we know how to fine-tune our installations. We therefore pay a lot of attention to service and customer feedback.


You can count on optimal service 24/7. No matter what day or what time it is, there are always service technicians on hand to help you with breakdowns or other challenges. We have specialist staff for each specific climate installation. We understand that a small deviation can have major consequences and are therefore always available. You will recognise us by our red service buses. It is also possible to have us look into the Priva system remotely, allowing us to solve many questions and problems immediately.

Maintenance plan

Of course, we are not only there when there is a hitch somewhere, we are particularly there to prevent it. That is why we are happy to put together a complete customised maintenance plan for you. After all, a well-maintained system provides more security and fewer breakdowns. With us, you can count on direct and personal contact, even outside office hours.