If you work with Cogas, you can count on excellent service. Our specialised green-fingered service technicians know exactly what working in a dynamic sector like this one is like. We have skilled and specialised professionals for every specific type of climate installation. We understand that a small deviation might have significant consequences, and therefore we are there to help 24/7. You can recognise us by our red service buses. We can also enable remote viewing in the Priva system, allowing us to solve many problems directly.

If you work with Cogas, you can count on personal and direct contact, during office hours as well as outside them.

Technical failure? We are always directly available.

During office hours: 0493-671010
Outside of office hours: 0478-551655
Or send us an email

Complete maintenance

Do you want to avoid unpleasant surprises? Let us create a completely tailored maintenance plan. After all, a properly maintained installation allows for more assurance and less disturbances.